Assessment activities

Advantages and Disadvantages of using Self-Assessment

Posted on: November 28, 2009


  1. Self-assessment can give us a perspective of student’s expectations, necessities, problems and frustrations in the L2/FLL process.
  2. Self-assessment can give us a more humanistic perspective of the student’s development, in other words how do students’ feel, it is a means of checking their emotional thermometer and measuring the level of anxiety they experiment.
  3. Self-assessment can reveal the students’ attitude towards the course, the language they are studying, the materials and activities.
  4. Self-assessment can also give hints of the students’ opinion about the course and their feelings or perception about their progress in learning the L2/FL.
  5. Self-assessment is also an important indicator of how mature our students are.
  6. Self-assessment develops more interest in the course from students.
  7. Self-assessment can aid students’ in taking responsibility of their own learning.


  1. It can be fairly unreliable if students do not trust the teacher, or if grading is in stakes; e.g., if students know that if they give themselves a bad grade this will impact their score.
  2. It can be time-consuming if not planed adequately.
  3. It can be taken as an opportunity to attack the teacher.
  4. Depending on the students’ maturity, it might not be taken seriously, and thus seen only as a means from the teacher to waste time as if he/she had nothing else to do.
  5. It requires from the students to be trained in order to work adequately.
  6. It is difficult to apply in lower levels.
  7. If not done orally, sometimes, e. g. in writing, it can be ignored and thus rendered worthless.

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