Assessment activities

Validity, Reliability, Practicality and Backwash

Posted on: October 19, 2009


For me validity has to do with the information that the uses in class, it that has to be appropriate for the student’s level, the purpose of the class, and if the meaning of the materials used in class are for the students.


Reliability has to do more if we really can trust a test to assess student{s knowledge, if the test is at the student level, and if we can only this tool to grade our students.


Practicality in a test refers to a test that is not that charge with questions, if it too long or if it is too short, if it is easy to grade and appropriate for the student and it has the accrued grad for the student.


Backwash refers n how tests affect the learning on a students and the teaching of the subject, for example, we can trust exams as a learning tool, the test preparation, the good or bad comments to the student, the advice to the student during and after the test, etc.


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