Assessment activities

Types of Tests

Posted on: October 19, 2009

Proficiency Test:  These tests are intended to evaluate people’s ability in a language. No matter whether they have had or not, any type of training prior to that test.

Achievement Test:  These tests are the opposite of the proficiency tests. It is designed to evaluate student’s progress or success on a specific course or unit.

Diagnostic tests:  These tests analyze the students’ strengths and weaknesses of the student, for example when we observe them speak to measure their grammar abilities.

Placement tests:  These tests are designed to be given to students at the stage of the teaching program most appropriate to their abilities.

Direct and indirect testing: 

Direct testing is when it needs the candidate to perform precisely the skill that we want to evaluate.

Indirect testing, in the other hand, offers the possibility of testing a representative sample of a limited number of abilities which motivate a potentially indefinite large number of manifestations of them.

Discrete point and integrative testing:

Discrete point testing refers to the testing item by item, one at a time.

Integrative testing requires the student to combine more than one language element to the completion of a task or activity.

Communicative language testing:

They are tests that measure the ability to take parts in acts of communication.


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