Assessment activities

Analysis of a test

Posted on: October 19, 2009

1. – What is the purpose of a test?

To me the purpose of a test is to know is how you students are improving in a certain subject, to see if they have understood and learn about any topic presented in class.

2. – Does it represent direct or indirect testing (or a mixture of both)?

For me it is only an indirect test because it only wants to measure the student’s ability on the language that they have seen until this point in the classes

 3. – Are the items discrete point or integrative (or a mixture of both)?

Discrete points because the test is planned to get an evaluation from the number of responses that are correct.

 4. – Which items are objective, and which are subjective? Can you order the subjective items according to degree of subjectivity?

Objective items are the ones that ask for specific vocabulary or specific grammatical structures, in test I analyze the teacher is only asking for filling the blanks and to structure in the correct way some sentences that are scramble. For example, There/Their/Their/Thee many boys in the park, I have too/to/two/tow many jobs to do

 5. – Is the test norm-referenced or criterion-referenced?

A criterion-referenced test because the questions are written according to what the student knows your standards and competes against him or herself while completing the test.

 6. – Does the test measure communicative abilities? Would you describe it as a communicative test? Justify your answers.

No, it does not measure communicational abilities, because it is focused on evaluating grammar and vocabulary.  

7. – What relationship is there between the answers to question 6 and the answer to the other questions?

I think the relationship is that we can assess grammatical structures even if we do not grade the communicative skills from our students.


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